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Behaviour change is a powerful Weight Loss tool

For your bespoke weight loss solution 
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  • A lasting Weight loss solution and No Fad diets!
  • The Food Coach ‘Weight Loss Programme’ uses behavioural change techniques and tailored plans to help you achieve your goal.
  • Learn to ‘Think Thin’ and boost your metabolism.
  • A unique and dynamic approach to weight loss!

Change damaging habits and maintain your weight loss!

“When I first met Hayley I was 26st 10lbs. Nine months later and after much advice and practical help I am 17stone, a loss of 9st 10lbs. Hayley has provided an important cornerstone of my diet and I am very, very grateful to her.”(Andy Lesser)

The Food Coach delivers the results you want:

  • A Non-Surgical weight loss solution!
  • The program guides you through the changes that you need to make by providing a series of training modules targeted at your particular problem area 
  • Regular one to one consultations designed to meet your individual needs
  • Understand the barriers that are holding you back
  • Find out what type of eater you are
  • What is the right diet plan for YOU?
  • How to get motivated, organised and fitter!
  • Treat yourself to a Nutritional MOT discover how to improve your health today. 
"Prior to meeting Hayley, I had tried numerous diets, nothing worked for more than a month. I was tired all the time and unhappy. Hayley tailored the plan to suit my appetite and more importantly passed on the knowledge and motivation to eat healthily and start an exercise regime (which I now love!) ...
- Natalie Silver lost over 4 ½ stone."

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