Natalie Silver has lost over 4 ½ stone with Hayley. She says:
"Prior to meeting Hayley, I had tried numerous diets, nothing worked for more than a month. I was tired all the time and unhappy. Hayley tailored the plan to suit my appetite and more importantly passed on the knowledge and motivation to eat healthily and start an exercise regime (which I now love!) I enjoy going to visit her and seeing the results on the tape measure (I previously hated getting on the scales). 
I'm more energetic, upbeat and in control! "


Ken: “Just had to tell you that I saw my Diabetic physician today who informed me that my Hba1c level is down from 78 to 46 in 2 months, and I wanted to thank you for your contribution. The doctor believes this to be a record in his career and could be pushing for a world record."


Dave & Alice: " Dear Hayley
Dave has lost over 8 stone now and I have lost 7 and half stone. I am hoping to lose another one stone and Dave would like to lose up to another three. It was our daughter’s wedding this August and it was a real treat to buy our outfits and feel and look ok!
Our experience with you Hayley was outstanding and professional and also warm and friendly and you helped us enormously from the first moment we met you to put us at ease and not make us feel bad about being 'big'. You gave us clear guidelines to work with and very helpful advice and made it all very easy to understand. We are still working with the structure of the meals that you outlined and always feel better when we stick to the basic 'formula' of low carbs and high protein. It certainly works!
God bless."


Mary Taylor: “Maintaining a healthy weight had always presented difficulties for me throughout adulthood. Significant health issues compounded the difficulties that most people can relate to when they are trying to lose weight. Hayley gave me the direction to enable me to be successful in my quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle and lose over six stone. Exercise certainly made its own contribution to my efforts and I now enjoy walking for the first time in my life. Difficulties continue to present themselves, but Hayley is always very positively focused and always encourages me to keep going. I do still have weight to lose and I remain determined to achieve my goal of being around for my children and grandchildren for many years to come. My gratitude to Hayley is immeasurable.”


Michaela Saunders: “I went to see Hayley because I had been suffering with headaches for the past ten months and was fed up with the doctor dishing out tablets every time I went to see him. I thought my diet was pretty good, but decided it was better to make sure it wasn't something I was or wasn't eating. After completing a food diary for a week, Hayley identified immediately that I wasn't eating or drinking enough and the time between meals was too long. Also, my intake of sugar was far too high. I had to cut out refined sugar and follow a simple plan, which I can happily say have led to my headaches being a lot less frequent and I now don't have to take any tablets, which is great. I have also lost weight - which is an added bonus"


Laura Taylor: Hayley was a fantastic help to me. It was such a relief being able to speak to someone that listened, gave practical advice and provided answers along with support throughout the change to my diet. After seeing Hayley I am now much healthier, happier and much more active, she gave me support I was unable to find anywhere else and has made a very big difference to the way I now live”.